What’s Provided?

All fishing rods, Reels and tackle provided for standard trips, wrecking trips and other trips where heavy tackle losses are expected, the tackle will be charged for at cost.

Tuition will be offered to any one who needs it, we aim to help you get the best out of your trip.

Tea and coffee is provided free of charge on our longer trips.

Please note that lost rods and reels or damage caused by misuse will be charged for at cost.


Can I Keep It?

If you catch edible in size fish then you are more than welcome to take them home with you.

At Blue Shark Charters we like to push sustainable fishing tactics, our recommended minimum size limits are above the legal size limits, which ensures that each fish kept has had a chance to breed first.

In order to avoid fish going to waste, once everyone has caught what they need, we switch tactics or species in order to help the fish stocks remain healthy.

Certain species are protected and have to be returned, your skipper will let you know whether you are able to keep your fish or not.

From Jan 1st – July 1st there is a no take restriction on Bass, from July 1st onwards there is a one Bass per person per day restriction with a minimum size limit of 42cm.


Getting There

Blue Shark departs from the old St. David’s lifeboat station at St Justinian’s SA62 6PY.

There are two small free, parking bays at St. Justinian’s, but these are usually full up by about 08:30am with the boat crews vehicles. There is a pay and display car park on the way down to St. Justinian’s on the left hand side of the road by the Rhosson Chapel which costs £3 a day, from here it is a 5-10 min walk to the boat.

The Celtic Coaster bus service operates hourly from the Tourist Information Centre between April and September and costs £1.50 each way.

There are Portaloo’s at the top of the steps.



There is a steep flight of steps to descend and another to ascend in order to get to the vessels departure point.

You will need to be at the bottom of the first flight of steps 15 minuets prior to departure, where a boarding master will meet you and take you to your vessel.


What To Wear

Warm clothes, as even on a hot sunny day it will always feel colder out on the water and the further away from the land you are, the colder it will feel.

Waterproofs as even though we will do our very best to keep you dry, there is always a chance that some spray may get whipped on board, especially on windy days.

Sturdy footwear you don’t mind getting wet.


What To Bring

Sunglasses, hat and suntan lotion, as even on a cloudy day the suns rays can be quite fierce, take my word for it!

Food and drink, especially on the longer trips as the fresh air will make you hungry!

A bag to take your catch home with.



The skipper with advanced notice can organize bait.

Froze bait can be purchase from Belmont House in St. David’s and fresh bait from County Sports in Haverfordwest or Anglers corner in Milford haven

For most trips where bait fishing is prime method, we will usually start with trying to feather up some fresh Mackerel or Sandeel, as fresh bait is almost always best.



Payment can be made by the following methods:  cash onboard, credit card, debit card, Pingit or paypal.

For whole boat/day bookings a deposit will be required on booking.



If you are prone to seasickness we recommend taking a suitable non drowsy seasickness remedy an hour before you board the vessel and then as recommended by the advice on the packet.

Avoiding greasy foods before and during the trip will help, so no full English first thing!

The after effects of alcohol from a good night out will also not help with motion sickness!

Although seasickness is an unpleasant feeling, it is not life threatening and the boat won’t be returning to shore to drop you off unless we feel your safety is at risk.



When booking a trip, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:



Should for any unforeseen reason like adverse weather, breakdown or illness, we have to cancel a trip, an alternative trip/date will be offered or a full refund given.

No claim against the operator will be accepted for the cancelation of trips due reasons beyond their control.

Blue Shark Charters does not accept responsibility for any travel costs or other costs incurred by individuals or groups if a trip cannot take place.

Whole boat bookings require a £100 deposit and can be cancelled not less than 28 days prior to trip departure to receive a full refund.

Individual bookings for scheduled trips, can cancel no later than 48 hours prior to trip departure.



The sea is a dangerous and ever changing environment and all adventurous activities carry risks that cannot be ignored. We do not accept responsibility for incidents that occur outside of our control.

A safety briefing will be given at the beginning of each trip and it is your responsibility to listen to and take onboard the information provided.

Any personal items, belongings, or equipment brought on board by passengers are there responsibility. We do not accept responsibility for the loss of or the damage to any personal belongings brought on board.

Abusive and offensive behavior or language towards staff or other passengers will not be tolerated on board.