The Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna

The Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) is a magnificent and highly prized species of fish that, over recent years have been returning to British waters and can now be found in good numbers off the Pembrokeshire coast during late summer and autumn. Bluefin tuna are one of the largest, fastest and most beautifully coloured species of fish to swim in our oceans. Mature adult Bluefin tuna reach around 6 – 8 ft long and weigh around 500 – 600 lbs, but the biggest rod and line caught tuna weighed in at a whopping 1,497 lbs and measured a massive 12.6ft long!

Blue Shark Charters has for the second year running, been granted a license to take part in the Welsh Government run Catch Tag and Release program (CHART Cymru) in conjunction with Swansea University. The CHART program will enable paying recreational anglers to encounter these amazing apex predators up close, whilst collecting important scientific data, to improve the scientific understanding of these fish and to assist better management of Bluefin tuna in Welsh waters.

  • Duration

    12 hours

  • Cost


  • Season

    August - December

  • Capacity

    Max. 4 persons

All skippers and crew have undertaken specialist training courses to carry out this work, to ensure all data is recorded, that tags are deployed correctly and in a way that always puts fish welfare at the forefront. Independent observers will regularly be onboard to ensure that the vessel and crew are following the strict guidelines that have been put in place for this program. Only the top quality big game tackle that is provided onboard may be used, as these fish will find a week spot in any tackle not fit for purpose. Trained crew will coach you throughout on best practice of catching Atlantic Bluefin tuna.
Fishing for Bluefin tuna in the Celtic Deep off the Pembrokeshire coast onboard the Blue Shark is a truly awesome experience, and will test the most experienced and novice anglers alike. These fish are mainly patrolling the Celtic Deep, but we have encountered them much closer to land and with plenty of new areas to try this year, hopefully we won’t need to go far to find these powerful fish.
Our method for targeting Bluefin tuna in Pembrokeshire, is by towing a spread of multiple lures to imitate shoals of baitfish, followed by a larger single lure or skirted dead baits to bring the tuna to the surface. We also have a few new methods to trial this year for when the fish are holding deep. Due to the strength and power of these fish, only the strongest and most reliable equipment and tackle is used which is all supplied onboard. All fish will be tamed stand up style using a bucket harness and large fighting belt, where you use your legs rather than your arms to exert the required pressure to bring the fish to the boat.
    • All tackle can be provided.
    • Frozen Ammo bait available with prior notice.
    • Free hot drinks.

      What to bring

      • Warm clothes

      • Waterproofs

      • Shoes you don’t mind getting wet

      • Hat, sunglasses & suntan lotion

      What's included?

      Rod, reel and end tackle

      Tuition provided

      Free hot drinks